Advanced Modules

Beyond the Safety-Care core curriculum, advanced skills modules allow the course to be expanded to meet the specific needs of particular organizations. Advanced modules are available in the form of direct training by QBS Master Trainers or through certification of Trainers to teach the additional material to staff. Each module requires ½ day for trainer training or 2–2 ½ hours for specialist training.

  • School Age Children: While the procedures in the core Safety-Care curriculum are applicable to working with individuals of any age, this module provides supplemental training specific to a younger population. It includes training in classroom and group management, additional procedures for intervening physically with smaller individuals who are behaving dangerously, and a small person carry procedure.

By special arrangement we offer mat blocking procedure as an option in the School Aged Children module.  This requires a standard foldable gym mat, ideally the size of 3 to 4 ft wide x 6  to 9 ft long. The mat is required for training this procedure and should be brought to the class. If you do not currently have one, here are some links to help you obtain one:

Amazon & Walmart

Please be advised QBS, Inc. does not endorse any “mat provider” and that the procedure can only be trained if a mat is available.

  • Safety-Care for Families: Safety-Care for Families provides trainers with a customized version of the Safety-Care curriculum that they can teach to family members and others who might provide in-home support. It includes Safety-Care prevention and minimization strategies, as well as development of a Family Safety Plan and a subset of Safety-Care physical skills.
  • High Severity Behavior 1: The High Severity Behavior modules are designed for organizations that support individuals with  the potential for extremely dangerous behavior. It includes strategies for developing safety plans, advanced physical safety procedures (releasing from rear chokes and hair pulls) team safety strategies, and floor hold procedures.
  • High Severity Behavior 2: The second High Severity Behavior module provides procedures for lifting from a seated to standing position, control of dangerous objects, prevention and management of fights, and procedures for prevention and management of incidents in vehicles and on trips.

Beginning July 1, 2019, QBS will be replacing the previous High Severity Behavior 1 and 2 modules with a combined Advanced Skills Module.

  • Advanced Skills Module: The new module provides an expanded toolbox of additional skills and strategies for those already certified in the Safety-Care™ Core Curriculum. It includes physical safety skills, team intervention, strategies for prevention and management of peer aggression and vehicle incidents, object management, transitions, and floor holds. As an optional addition, we can also train on blocking pad procedures - if this option is chosen, please contact us at least two weeks in advance to make arrangements to have the necessary equipment available for training.

By special arrangement, we offer 2 blocking pad procedures as options in the Advanced Skills Module.  This requires blocking pads approximately the size of 2 to 3 ft x 1.5 ft.  Extremely small or large blocking pads are not recommended.  While QBS, Inc. does not specifically endorse any blocking pad provider we have included some links to assist you in obtaining the blocking pads. The procedures will not be able to be trained without the pads, so if you would like this training you will be required to bring them to the class. If you do not currently have one, here are some links to help you obtain one: 

Amazon | Amazon

          * The block pad procedures may not be approved for use by some regulatory agencies.  Call QBS to determine whether your regulatory agency permits its use.


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