Nursing staff are frequently presented with significant behavioral challenges. Geri-Care™ can help.  Geri-Care is a unique crisis prevention training program designed for use by staff working with geriatrics, medically-fragile, or others for whom special care must be taken when preventing and managing behavioral challenges.  The Geri-CareTm Trainer Training program  provides attendees with the skills and competencies necessary to effectively train the Geri-Care Core Curriculum including Incident Prevention, Incident Minimization, and Incident Management.  Using the newest and most effective technologies from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS), this Geri-Care program will provide your staff with strategies for not only preventing and managing behavioral challenges, but also to effectively teaching replacement behaviors.  Appropriate for individuals experiencing aging, neurologic conditions such as strokes, Alzheimer's and other dementias, psychiatric symptoms and other impairments, Safety-Care will result in a more positive reinforcement based approach to care and safety..

Geri-Care can help you to:

  • Prevent behavioral incidents and reduce injuries.
  • Intervene safely, gently, and appropriately.
  • Effectively manage wandering, resistance to necessary care, and other challenging behaviors using simple, evidence-based behavioral protocols.
  • Use less restrictive strategies that reduce the need for restraint
  • Intervene after incidents to prevent reoccurrence.

Prevent Behavioral Incidents

Geri-Care™ teaches staff to confidently, safely, humanely, and respectfully enhance the lives of elderly individuals who sometimes exhibit serious challenging behaviors. Staff who participate in a Geri-Care training learn and practice specific, valuable skills designed to help them prevent crises and enhance safety.

Geriatric Friendly Interventions

The elderly present unique characteristics that often require a specialized approach. Geriatric clients have a susceptibility to many types of injuries, such as fractures, skin tears, and joint injuries. Traditional aggression or crisis management curricula fail to account for these concerns and, as a result, can lead to injury to the individual, instead of ensuring their safety. Significant consideration went into the design, testing, and refinement of each Geri-Care intervention to ensure that the individual is free from harm, while providing care, assisting resistive individuals, avoiding aggression, or releasing from a harmful grab.

Evidence-Based Procedures

Geri-Care interventions are based on extensive research on prevention and reduction of challenging behavior. No course is more thoroughly grounded in evidence-based practice. Geri-Care avoids vague theories in favor of teaching and practicing specific, valuable skills.

Simple Training Process

Geri-Care offers two options:

  • Direct On-Site Training: QBS Master Trainers will come to your facility and provide a series of two-hour trainings for your direct care staff. Multiple trainings can be provided each day. Every staff who participates receives a training workbook and a training certificate.
  • Trainer Training: If desired, selected staff from your agency can be trained as Geri-Care trainers. They can then provide unlimited training to your staff.

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