QBCs PBIS Edition

In order to meet your Positive Behavior Support (PBS) training needs, Quality Behavioral Competencies™ (QBC) Coach Training program by QBS is now available in a PBS edition designed for Massachusetts providers. Specifically to meet the training requirements prescribed by the Universal Strategies of PBS, the QBC-PBS™ program offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional staff training programs.

The extensive QBC library of modules maps perfectly to PBS Universal Strategies, resulting in your staff acquiring a wide array of skills addressing the most critical universal strategies.

Learning is Just Plain Better!

All QBC programs provide competency-based training using a system called Personalized System of Instruction (PSI). This QBC system provides organizations with an incredibly efficient way to train their staff. Written in simple, clear, and easy to understand language, the QBC system consists of brief training competency modules or lessons, with each staff person progressing at their own pace, in their own way, in their work environment. All QBCs are based on evidence-based applied research in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and PBS.

The 2-day QBC Coach Training provides selected staff the skills and information to implement the self-paced QBC training system throughout your organization.

PBS Edition Competency List

  1. Reinforcement
  2. Reinforcement Delivery
  3. Behavioral Momentum
  4. Differential Reinforcement
  5. Functional Assessment (ABC Method)
  6. Developing Rapport
  7. Providing Choices
  8. Positive Redirection
  9. Incidental Teaching

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