Restraint Prevention Training and Consultation Services

Though sometimes necessary to prevent serious injury or death, the use of physical restraint should be minimized or eliminated whenever possible. To assist organizations toward this goal, QBS, with its vast experience in behavior safety, behavior change and supports, and organizational behavior management has developed a wide array of services customizable to the organization’s characteristics and needs.

Educational Seminars offered by experienced, professional, and motivating QBS speakers can provide the foundation for restraint reduction efforts in any organization. By providing a unique analysis of the individual, programmatic, and organizational contingencies inadvertently supporting the potential over-use of restraint, participants gain the necessary insight into appropriate, limited use of restraint and the contributors to mis-use. Evidence-based and recommended organizational, programmatic, and individual interventions to further reduce and/or eliminate restraint are reviewed and analyzed.

Case Consulting Services by QBS offer some of the most experienced and skilled professionals [ling to ‘our staff’] in the field with a focus toward a rationale and reasonable balance between safety, least restrictive treatment options, right to effective treatment, and behavior change. QBS consultants take into account organizational, environmental, and individual contributors to formulate the most effective programming available.

Organizational Consulting services toward restraint prevention can be customized specifically to the organization’s mission, strengths, and needs. By utilizing organizational behavior management and performance engineering practices, QBS Restraint Reduction Best Practices: An Action Oriented Program provide the most comprehensive service to organizations toward reducing or eliminating restraints. A collaborative, survey-based program, QBS’s unique and balanced approach to engaging with organization promotes restraint reduction outcomes. Some of the characteristics of this program include:

  • Principles and Foundations to Effective Restraint Reduction Practices
  • Establishing an Organizational Commitment toward Restraint Reduction
  • Ensuring Data-Informed Analysis and Decision Making using Quality Tracking Solutions™
  • Ensuring Expertise and Advocacy Throughout the Organization
  • Programmatic Interventions Toward Restraint Reduction
  • Individualized Interventions Toward Restraint Reduction
  • Legal and Ethical Issues Regarding Restraint Reduction
  • A Variety of QBS Tools including:
    • Organizational Self-Assessment Tool
    • Quality Tracking Solutions™ software
    • Action Plan Templates Toward Implementation
    • Essential References

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