QBS Staff

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  • David Lennox, Ph.D.
  • Patty Pruden-Lennox, MBA
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Jack McLellan, MBA
    Director of Finance, Communications, and Human Resources
  • Anne Gately
    Director of Sales and Marketing
  • David Rourke, M.S.
    Director of Compliance
  • Mark A. Geren, M.S., BCBA
    Director of Consulting
  • Erin Mayberry, MS, BCBA
    Master Trainer/Consultant
  • Erin Devine, M.S.Ed., BCBA
    Master Trainer/Consultant
  • Maria Ferlick, MS Ed., BCBA, LABA
    Master Trainer/Consultant
  • Christopher Rosado, MS, BCBA
    Master Trainer/Consultant
  • Robyn Shimmin, MS, BCBA
    Master Trainer/Consultant
  • Mike Perillo, MS, BCBA
    Master Trainer/Consultant
  • Brittney Kalicki, MS, BCBA
    Master Trainer/Consultant
  • Carolyn Houze MS, BCBA
    Master Train/Consultant
  • Ronnie Riedel
    Regional Marketing Representative
  • Venessa Hinchliffe
    Regional Marketing Representative
  • Shelly DePina
    Regional Marketing Representative
  • Samantha Manning
    Recertification Specialist
  • Katherine Candelario
    Recertification Specialist
  • Ashley Lynch
    Social Media Manager
  • Natalie Demma
    Data Entry Specialist
  • Ryan Hartley
    Trainer Connect Specialist
  • Mark Upham
    Accounts Receivable Specialist

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