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QBS offers a great deal of...well, expertise.  If you're already familiar with our training programs, you know that we only offer the best in training you and your staff in behavioral skills.  If you're looking for seminar-style or webinar educational activities, consider the range of QBS Educational Seminars. As always, our mission is to provide Quality Behavioral Solutions to Complex Behavioral Challenges - solutions that are evidence-based, up-to-date, state-of-the-art.  All topics below can be customized to your staff audiences so that they get the most our of QBS expertise.

Behavioral Briefs

Few professionals have the time available to sit through a lengthy webinar during the course of their day.  For that reason, QBS is introducing Behavioral Briefs - a new kind of webinar, a new way of learning.  Behavioral Briefs are designed to provide education and information on a single topic in a brief period of time.  Strategically scheduled several times across the week, each Behavioral Brief is approximately 15-minutes, providing you with enough information about a procedure, practice, or protocol to advance your skills and knowledge.  This is the best way to learn...and so easy and free!  Just click the title and register!  That's all.  

Here are some upcoming Behavioral Brief webinars you may find interesting.  Be watching for more to come!

Travel Tips for People with Special Need and Their Care Takers

Want your next family vacation to go off without a hitch?  Travel can be a trying experience in the best of times.  Traveling with a person with special needs can present its own set of challenges. Learn ways to prevent and manage stressors in a situation that can be quite taxing.  Gain insight into the travel process from people who travel frequently and get tips how to make your next trip smooth sailing.

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Antecedent Management Strategies For Reducing Challenging Behaviors 

Aggression, non-compliance, and property destruction are but a few challenges that parents and service providers may encounter on a given day. There are many schools of thought in regard to the most appropriate or successful way to respond when these challenging behaviors occur, but what if we could make challenging behavior less likely to occur to begin with? By implementing antecedent management strategies, we can reduce, or even eliminate, the things in the environment which may be contributing to the occurrence of these problem behaviors.

Antecedent management is the process of identifying, and altering, the variables in the environment which contribute to the occurrence of challenging behavior and the variables which are conducive to a positive learning environment. By reducing or eliminating the things likely to lead to challenging behavior and enhancing those that promote desirable behavior, we can create a supportive and productive learning environment.

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Just in Case You Missed it, we've archived previous QBS Behavioral Briefs!

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