Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

Cancellation Policy

If a registrant or organization needs to cancel their participation in a training, it must be in writing to Attempts to cancel by phone will be redirected to email.

Cancellations received in an email by QBS 15 or more calendar days before the scheduled training are fully refundable.

Cancellations received in an email by QBS 14 calendar days or fewer of the scheduled training date, or registrants who fail to attend the event are not refundable.  The full amount will be billed to the registrant’s organization for the training in which the registrant was scheduled.  Please note all past due accounts will be assessed a 1.5% interest fee per month on the unpaid balance.

Cancellation of Organizations & Closed Sessions

If an organization wishes to schedule a closed session (i.e., no participants from other organizations), cancellations received in an email by QBS 31 or more business days are fully refundable. If cancellations are received 30 or fewer days before the scheduled training date, the following charges will apply:

  • 0 - 10 calendar days prior to the scheduled training - 100% of scheduled charges
  • 11 - 20 calendar days prior to the scheduled training - 75% of scheduled charges
  • 21 - 30 calendar days prior to the scheduled training - 50% of scheduled charges

Substitution/Rescheduling Policy

An organization may send a substitute participant in place of the canceling registrant.  The registrant may transfer to another scheduled training session.  If transferring to another scheduled training, it must be  within one year of the commencement date of the originally registered training date and is only permitted once - repeated rescheduling of cancellations is not permitted. However, if payment has not already been received for the originally scheduled training date, full payment for the training is expected by the due date on the invoice representing the originally scheduled training date.  In addition, a rescheduling fee of 15% of the full payment will be assessed.

Cancellations of a training event by QBS Companies Inc. will be fully refunded or at the request of the registrant the payment will be applied to a future training event, with no additional fees or interest

All refunds will be processed within 30 days after receiving the written cancellation.

Organization of Record

Please recognize that, as stated in Safety-Care compliance standards:

A Safety-Care trainer may only train employees of his or her Organization of Record, unless otherwise authorized in writing by QBS. An organization with contractors, interns, volunteers, etc., who work for other agencies but under the auspices of the organization and who provide services to the same individuals may consider those staff “employees” as long as the total number of staff from any given agency does not exceed 15 staff.

Please recognize that this precludes training to other organizations that may be ‘supported’, ‘serviced’, or to which other services may be provided, but are different organizations.   With respect to state and federal organizations, the center, facility, institution, etc. are considered to be an organization; therefore, a trainer must be at the center (i.e., local organization) level to train ‘center’ level staff, rather than at regional or state levels.   

Please direct any questions to

Legal Representation

QBS shall, upon reasonable request of Organization, and only if doing so shall not be impracticable, testify on behalf of Organization in any legal proceeding or regulatory hearing in which Organization shall become involved, provided 1) such testimony shall be limited to a general description of the nature of Safety-Care™ and the conduct of the training contemplated hereunder; 2) Organization shall give QBS at least Fifteen (15) business days’ notice of the need therefore; 3) Organization shall pay reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by QBS in connection with such testimony, including the cost of travel, and shall pay QBS, as a consulting fee, its then-applicable daily consulting rate for each day (or any part thereof) of in-person testimony; and 4) QBS shall have no obligation hereunder to provide testimony on behalf of Organization if QBS is also a party to such legal proceeding or its activities are, independently hereof, the subject of such regulatory hearing.

Intellectual Property

Participants and organizations acknowledge that all intellectual rights of the trademark Safety-Care™ are owned unconditionally by QBS Inc., the sole course and provider of Safety-Care™, and in no manner, shall a participant or organization assume privileges and/or posession of said rights.

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