The Behavioral and Autism Collaboration in Education program by QBS is an innovative model for autism classroom development.

QBS will collaborate with your community school or district by providing the knowledge, resources, and road map to develop an in house evidence-based special needs program. The BACE program features measurable, effective interventions for students with special needs who are at risk of placement outside of their home community.

Core BACE Components

The National Research Council (2001) outlined characteristics of model state of the art programs for students with special needs. Common to all of the state-of-the-science model programs, and a core component of the BACE Program, is individualized programming around needs of each child, with educational interventions designed to be implemented in a flexible and safe manner.

Quality features of a BACE program

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques, moving toward more naturalistic procedures as students progress.
  • Students advance toward less restrictive and inclusive instruction, incorporating peer-mediated social skills interventions.
  • Foundation for the development of essential communication, play, and reciprocal social skills.
  • Instruction in adaptive behavior, learning in a group, academic, self-help, and motor skills.
  • Intensive instruction in academics, social skills, communication skills, and self-management.
  • Incorporates visual supports and visual teaching technologies.
  • Evidence-based interventions that capture and contrive opportunities to follow the student’s lead, focusing upon independence, self-management, and initiation.

Additional features

  • Ongoing consultation from Board Certified Behavior Analyst or Ph.D. in behavior analysis.
  • Access to QBS’s comprehensive Quality Behavioral Competency™ training system and Safety-Care™ Behavioral Safety Training.
  • Comprehensive assessments at regular intervals to guide structured teaching with specific curricula.
  • Training and supervision for staff in relevant teaching skills.
  • Family training in educational, behavioral, and safety skills.

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