The State of the Art in Behavioral Safety

Safety-Care provides the tools you need to be safe when working with behaviorally challenging individuals. We can help you to:

  • Understand how and why crisis events happen, and ways in which we might inadvertently contribute to them.
  • Prevent crises using a variety of supportive interaction strategies.
  • Apply simple, evidence-based de-escalation strategies that are effective for any population.
  • Intervene appropriately and safely when dangerous behavior occurs.
  • Avoid use of restraint.
  • Plan after a crisis to reduce the chance that it will happen again. 



Bring Your Program to the Next Level

QBS consultants can greatly increase the effectiveness of your program.

  • Experienced, talented, credentialed clinicians.
  • Detailed, evidence-based functional assessment of your most challenging individuals.
  • Collaborative development of practical, well-documented behavior support interventions.
  • Competency-based staff training.with follow up, data collection, fine tuning.
  • Experienced administrators with extensive program development expertise.
  • Market analysis to help you determine which programs are most viable in current economic and regulatory environments.



Behavioral Safety in Nursing Settings

Nursing staff are frequently presented with significant behavioral challenges. Geri-Care can help you to:

  • Prevent behavioral incidents and reduce injuries.
  • Intervene safely, gently, and appropriately.
  • Effectively manage wandering, resistance to necessary care, and other challenging behaviors using simple, evidence-based behavioral protocols.
  • Use less restrictive strategies that reduce the need for restraint
  • Intervene after incidents to prevent reoccurrence.

Quality Behavioral Competencies

Quality Behavioral Competencies™

Efficient, Competency-Based Staff Training

The tools you need to quickly and efficiently provide your staff with critical behavioral teaching skills

  • Critical behavioral skills such as reinforcement, reinforcer preference assessment, delivering instructions, and behavioral momentum.
  • Staff can learn and be tested at their own pace.
  • Training can be done in or outside of classroom setting.
  • Selected staff members can be trained and certified as Competency Coaches, allowing them to teach and check the competency of other staff.
  • Focus on important, evidence-based behavioral skills, without unecessary theory or jargon.

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Customers are saying...

" As a person who learns best by specific task analysis and description yet has a need to have multiple repetitions of motor-based skills to reach fluency, the opportunities to practice were very valuable. Supportive attitudes toward achieving success were much appreciated!   "
—Dottie Narodny
Blue Ridge Autism and Achievment